About 7av7

7av7 is a collaborative art blog with a new theme every week. Below you will find background information about the project. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Our aim with the project was to create a platform for thoughts and ideas. Without pressure on achievment or pre-assumed method or technique, we created art. We wanted to create an allowance within ourselves to awaken the passion and creativity within creative creations. By looking at each others art, we wanted to inspire and get to know old friends and new friends in a new way.


Each week had its own theme that seven artists got to interpret. Each artist’s work got published one day at a time, which left us with seven interpretations every week.

Publishing schedule

Mondays: Martin

Tuesdays: Jessica

Wednesdays: Maria

Thursdays: Sara

Fridays: Ann-Louise

Saturdays: Sayna

Sundays: Guest artist


7av7 is politically and religiously neutral. The artists stand for their own work only.