Dear customer

 Dear customer, during these 35 days that I have spent as a gas-station employee a few unpleasant situations have occured that I wish to discuss with you.

To you who slapped my butt after I brought you the package you had ordered, I want to say that your disregard for boundaries and complete lack of respect for women made me very uncomfortable. Perhaps your judgement has been clouded by watching hours upon hours of adult films where women gratefully accept being abused, their bodies only a tool for pleasuring a man. I must inform you that in reality what you did is illegal and not acceptable at all. Had your action not made me speechless I would ask you a few questions like: what do you gain from this? Seriously. Is this the first time you behave this way or am I one of a long line of women you decide to harass? Professional women who are unlucky enough to cross paths with you. But hey lets not be so negative. Maybe you are aware of your problem. Maybe the content of the package was a self help-book, a quick guide for perverts on how to respect women. I hope you find the help you desperately need.

To the customer who called during our busiest time of day just to moan loudly in my ear I want you to know that whenever I tell people about what you did they usually laugh and call you a desperate idiot and usually I laugh with them. But deep inside do not think it is funny at all. Thinking about how I took you call while stressed because a lot of customers were waiting in line. How I didn’t understand what you were doing for a while and I asked you kindly several times to tell me how I could help you. Finally when I realized that you were either masturbating or making fun of me while pretending to be masturbating it made me disgusted and really sad. For you.

To those of you who come on to me despite me clearly showing my lack of interest both physically and verbally I want you to know that this is not flattering, it is creepy. How you continue to ask me about what time I close at night, about my ethnicity, complementing my body, even reaching out to touch me. Refusing to see me as a professional only shows how objectified women are even in the most everyday work situations. It is so common that most of us do not even react anymore.

Finally, I turn to all of the men who have sized me up when approaching the counter with a question about your car. How you have belittle me, assuming that I cannot help you. Calling me little sweetheart and not taking my answer seriously. Just today you, the older man came in saying “I guess you know nothing about motor oil?” While I offered to check online you cursed and said “In my time people working in gas-stations were professionals. Now all you can do is serve hotdogs, you are useless.”  Yes, you are right about the fact that some things have changed and people working in gas-stations have a lot more to do these days than selling gasoline and motor-oil. But one thing that has not changed is how a lot of you men still feel entitled to the point that that you are obnoxious to the people trying to help you. I call your kind cockheads and it makes me really happy to think that I am strong enough to stand up to you.


Sincerely not yours



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